right side of the brain R-mode characteristics definition

The left side of the brain and the right side of the brain have two distinct sets of characteristics.  In normal everyday activities, the brain is constantly switching back and forth between the two sides to complete whatever tasks are at hand.  The brain uses whatever side of the brain that can best handle the current task.  

The right side of the brain (right-mode) is 1) holistic - likes to view things all at once, enjoys understanding things in overall structures and patterns which often leads to an assortment of conclusions 2) nonverbal - likes to be conscience of things without giving attention to words 3) intuitive - likes to make broad leaps of insight and understanding which are often founded upon feelings, visual images, guesses or unfinished patterns 4) synthetic - likes to combine things into complete wholes, such as putting together puzzle pieces into one big image 5) spatial - likes to perceive how things are in relation to other things, enjoys understanding how things fit together into a whole 6) concrete - likes to find connections between things as they are at the present moment 7) nonrational - likes to not have an awareness of time and is 8) analogic - likes to find similarities between things and perceive metaphoric relationships.