why draw realistically definition

Acquiring realistic drawing skills has, in particular, three benefits .  First, when you acquire the skill of drawing realistically, you can now draw whatever you want.  Some artists may chose to be abstract artists for no other reason than because they cannot draw, but they still want to create art.  If you can draw realistically, you can draw ANYTHING, including abstract art.  Second, when you learn how to draw realistically, you acquire the skill of learning how to perceive things in a whole new way.  Snow, for example, will not be white.  Instead, you will perceive all sorts of colors in snow - like grays, purples, blues and yellow.  Third, by learning how to draw realistically, you will have a sense of satisfaction and confidence you would not otherwise have.  To be able to take on, for example, drawing a portrait of a friend or even being able to sketch out designs for possible projects - like jewelry, an idea for a garden....etc  opens up a whole new world for you.  Drawing leads to other creative endeavors.  You will be able to share with the world your creative ideas.  It is truly a launching pad into other creative spheres - including furniture design, interior design and movie set design.

Drawing is a tremendous asset for those willing to challenge themselves and learn it.