Gallery Display definition

An artist needs exposure for his artwork.  To do this, one may work with organizations, websites and galleries to display the work.  In working with anyone or organization, an artist needs to maintain control over his rights of the artwork.  For example, to display work with a gallery, an agreement is signed in regard to how the gallery will present and hold the artwork.  The placement of the artwork, the framing of the artwork, terms of delivery, the sale price and the value of the work should be clarified, identification of the artwork, fees for displaying the artwork and the time the exhibition will be displayed all need to be included within an agreement.  It is also important to include any license information that allows the gallery to reproduce the artist’s work without infringement.  One should be careful to analyze the license terms of agreement as a separate entity especially if the license includes terms that go beyond reproduction for publicity purposes.  Also any gallery agreement must include information about the risk of loss of the artwork should any event or damage occur.  Galleries should have insurance that takes care of artwork exhibited.