fixed table layout definition

Refers to a quick type of table layout using CSS that is not reliant on the contents of table cells.  This type of layout relies instead on the width values of the cells, columns and table located in the 1st row of the table.   This layout uses these steps: 1) A column element with a width property set to any value except to auto creates a width for itself.  2) A cell creates the width for its column if it has a width value other than auto, and the column contains an auto width.  If the cell spans several columns, the width is separated evenly amidst the columns.  3) All the columns that remain auto-sized are sized so their widths are evenly sized as much as possible.  4) The table width is fixed at the table’s width value or the total value of the column widths, depending on which value is greater.  If the column widths are less than the table width, then the amount between them is divided by the number of columns and added to each one.