10 of the most common pitfalls for artists definition

 Artists often fail in their art endeavors for a number of reasons.  By simply addressing 10 of the most common pitfalls artists make, people can successfully avoid them.  

1) They get discouraged.

When an artist gets discouraged, the first inclination is often to give up.  When this happens, a person stops creating artwork.  And if an artist isn’t producing artwork, then he/she will not be able to build up a body of artwork.  And then, of course, there is not much to sell.  And the person’s art career stops.  

When frustrated or discouraged, the best thing an artist can do is just press on.   Realizing that other artists experience similar sentiments helps to alleviate the pressure.  Also, by allowing oneself the freedom to be inspired to create another piece of artwork will lift one’s creative spirits.  And a person will be able to climb out of the pit of discouragement.  

2) They only copy other people’s artwork.

It is a great thing to expose oneself to art by looking at other people’s artwork.  And one gains valuable art skills by faithfully copying other people’s artwork.  However, if one continues year after year only copying other people’s work, then the artist becomes simply a good craftsman/craftswoman.  A person MUST at some point make artwork inspired from within.  

3) They do not take the time to focus on the business side of things.

If a person wants to make artwork for a hobby, then studying up on how to run a business is not necessary.  But, if one is seriously interested in making artwork, then he/she needs to know how a business operates.  There are plenty of good books that help people starting out a new business.  By becoming knowledgeable, a person puts himself/herself into the position of power.  When the finances regarding one’s artwork are in order, it is easier to progress in one’s artistic career.

4) They try to do everything on their own.

Trying to do everything on one’s own without a support network is a recipe for disaster.  One needs support emotionally, spiritually, physically and (sometimes) financially.  When artists take the time to build up a support network of friends, family and with other businesses, life becomes sweeter and they are able to ride the inevitable ups and downs that happen in an art career.

5) They ignore feedback they receive.

Sometimes people’s remarks are harsh and sometimes they are kind.  In either case, both sets of remarks can be valuable insights into what is working with one’s artwork and what is not.  By listening with open ears, an artist has an opportunity to gain a sense of what kind of reaction his/her artwork is creating.  And by responding (with discretion) to the reactions of the work, it may help develop the style and subject matter - and in the end increase sales of the work.  

6) They ignore their health.

It is very easy, as an artist, to ignore one’s health.  Why?  Because artwork is often an engrossing task which also often includes harmful chemicals.  This, combined with the physical stamina required to create a piece of artwork, is often hard on the body.

Eating healthy foods, drinking water (not just cups of coffee or cans of soda) and making sure one rests from hard days of labor ensure that one can continue making artwork.   When a person gets sick or says he/she is tired of artwork, it may just be that the person has been ignoring his/her body.  And as a result, the artwork suffers and may not be able to be continued in the future.

7)  They pick the wrong friends.

People may not be able to pick their family members, but they can pick their friends.  And friends influence their health, recreation, work, lifestyle and ART.

Choosing good, solid caring friends is important to creating good artwork because people are highly affected by their relationships with people.  Knowing good friends are around when bad days come is a huge support psychologically, and this can strongly influence one’s artwork.

8)  They do not take the time to get inspired.

When a person sits down to create something, there must be some idea of where to go.  If there is no idea of where to go, a person’s art crumbles.  

Taking the time to get inspired ensures one’s creative juices will flow.  For some people, this may just mean going for walk.  For other people, it may mean listening to music.  Whatever means a person uses to get inspired, it is important they take the time to do it.  

9)  They only dream.

Dreaming is often where artwork has its beginning.  But if the idea is never given a chance to be birthed into the world, a creative idea will die.  By being faithful to get one’s ideas out - even it is just be on sketchbook paper - a person has the chance of going somewhere as an artist.  

The best policy: kill all feelings of procrastination before they kill your creativity.  

10)  They do not produce artwork.

Artists often fail because they are just not producing artwork.  They spend their time watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a book, hanging out with friends, drinking or  partying and as a result, their artistic output slows down or stops.  

Artists MUST be disciplined.  By creating structure in their lives and thus allowing time to work on their craft, they have the chance of creating artwork that gets better and better as the years go by.