X height Calligraphy


In calligraphy, “height” refers to a section of a letter or all of a letter that rests between the waistline and the base line. 

X-ray Welding

The search for corrosion, stress cracks or other defects. X-rays are taken of a section to ensure no defects exist especially in areas that are essential to preventing expensive or dangerous problems from occurring.

Xenon Film


A type of projection lamp that is balanced for daylight and is very bright.  It cannot replace an arch lamp or tungsten lamp.  Instead, a xenon needs another lamp housing on the projector.   It is best with color film to request that a lab create a print that is balanced for xenon since it is balanced for daylight.  The print is often referred to as a “5,400 print” because this is the color temperature of daylight.  

Xylography Art Materials and General Art Terms


A term referring to woodblock printing.  It also may refer to creating wood grain reproductions that are used as a decoration element in homes and businesses.