Yaoi Anime / Manga


Yaoi is an acronym in Japanese that gives a negative viewpoint of gay relationships.  Yaoi may relate to storylines that revolve around homosexual relationships between men, or to art made by anime fans and storylines that couple male characters from popular series.  Yaoi in the United States brings with it bigger references to homoerotic behavior.  

yardage Quilting

A measurement of fabric in yards.

Yarn Textiles


Bunches of threads twisted to create a continuous strand.  Yarn is most often used in woven fabrics are used for knitting.

yarn needle Quilting

A type of needle that is thick and long that contains a blunt end and a large end. It is often used to tie qults and used in the process of trapunto.

yellow Color

One of the primary colors. A color located between orange and green; the color of a lemon. An illumination of light containing a wavelength between 570 and 590 nm.

yo-yo patchwork Quilting

A method of gathering circles of fabric and pressing them down to create yo-yos or rosettes. Yo-yos are frequently tracked together at the edges of the folds or separately stitched to a block.

Yuri Anime / Manga


Yuri translates to “lily flower.”  In Japan, the term usually refers to storylines that involve woman/woman relationships that are authored by men and directed at men.  However, the term in the United States brings with it references to erotic sexual behaviors between women.