5 tips on how to make money as an artist definition


1) Create good work

If your work is mediocre, people will know it and they will not pay attention to it.  Focus on your craft.  Get really good at what your do.  Only then can you demand the attention of other people’s eyes.

2) No matter what happens, be productive as an artist.

If you want to make it as an artist, you need to be producing artwork.  It may seem obvious, but after your day job you need to be creating artwork.  You cannot expect to make it as an artist with a tiny portfolio.  Build up a number of pieces.  This helps people to realize how serious of an artist you are.  And a larger body of artwork helps people to gain a sense of your own personal style and way of looking at the world.

3) Do not compare your successes or failures with other artists.  

You will get discouraged and frustrated if you continue to look at other people’s successes.  Remember, art is a very subjective thing and business is tough.  Artists are not selling a product that a necessity - we NEED groceries, but people can survive without artwork on their walls (though not as well - art DOES lift the spirit).  Just continue your artwork and keep on making it without constantly looking at other artists’ progress and any honors they receive.  

In time, if you are patient, people WILL start to notice your artwork if it is done well.  Artists must be determined to continue on despite any obstacles or frustrations.  Van Gogh is a great example of this principle.  He continued to make artwork, despite the fact he NEVER sold a painting in his life.  And yet, how many people has he influenced by his work since his death?  Millions.  

4) Expose your work - somewhere.

If you want people to know you are an artist, then you need to expose your work somewhere where they can see it.  It does  not matter in the beginning where you begin - just get started.  Often artists start to expose their artwork in coffee shops or restaurants.  As word gets out, people may contact you for commissions.  

Some artists have private art studios where they are able to easily display their artwork.  If this is not an option for you, and you can only make your artwork in your home and that is fine.  The essential thing is that you somehow expose your work in an accessible place where they can stop by and analyze it.  Many artists create a website so they can easily show the world their work.  This is a great idea if you cannot travel easily or do not have the time or inclination to attend art shows or put your work in local events/places.

5) Develop a product to put your artwork on.

Mugs, t-shirts, saucers, cards, stationery are all examples of products that you could place your artwork on.  People may scoff at the idea of such a “demeaning” idea - thinking it takes away from the fine art ideal of just selling the original pieces.  However, people are people.  And a lot of people may not have a place on their walls for your work.  But, if they like your images, they will be happy to buy a mug or t-shirt from you; the price is cheaper for them, and you gain FREE advertising of your artwork.  People like to talk about what they buy.  This will greatly assist your art business by hopefully generating more customers.