artistís way of seeing definition

It is not hard to hold a pencil.  But, it can be hard to know how to truly see what is in front of one’s eyes in order to draw it.  The act of seeing is the root of knowing how to draw.  But in order to truly SEE something, one must develop one’s ability to perceive things correctly.

The key to perceiving things and drawing them is to have a mental shift in the brain - from the left-mode of thinking to the right-mode of thinking.  In each mode, a person perceives things differently.  

For example, while in the left-mode of the brain, if a person saw a fire, he/she would run to get some water.  But a person in the right-mode of the brain would think, “Look at all the pretty colors of yellow, orange and red!”

This is why artists may mention that they notice a different state of mental awareness as they draw - time seems to fly out the window and does not exist!  Words are no longer important, and a state of relaxation combined with an alert mind takes over.  Drawing, playing music, painting, cooking....all of these things can bring one into this state of awareness.  It is a pleasurable experience.  

Therefore, the artist’s way of seeing begins with shifting into using the right side of the brain in order to truly SEE what is in front of him/her.  By shifting to the drawing mode, people can begin to draw their perceptions, rather than draw preconceived notions of what is there.