drawing is not a magical ability definition

Just as a person can learn how to add and subtract numbers, a person can also learn how to draw.  Drawing is not a magical ability that some people have and others do not.  It is true that some people have an aptitude for drawing, just as some people have an aptitude for dancing, fixing things, playing sports or cooking tasty foods; but, in a similar fashion, people have the ability to learn how to draw just as people have an ability to play a sport.  Anybody who can hold a pencil in his/her hand and can see has what it takes to draw.

Drawing, like anything else, takes practice.  By taking the time and diligently practicing drawing exercises, a person will improve his/her draftsmanship over time.  And the learning never ends - there is always more to learn in the realm of art.  But once the basic master of drawing skills is achieved, a person has the ability to draw anything - ships, portraits, animals, flowers, landscapes...