drawing on your creative side definition

Everybody has the potential to be a creative person.  All one needs is a means of unleashing his/her creativity.  Drawing is one way in which one can gain access to the creative side of the brain.  Why?  Beside the very act of drawing requires that one enter into the right side of the brain - and it is this side of the brain where creativity is located.  By learning the skill of drawing, one will be able to enter into an altered state of perception which will assist a person in viewing things in a whole new way.  Things will take on a new twist - a dead flower will suddenly have its very own beauty with the way in which you will perceive it.  In the creative side of your brain, possibilities suddenly open up.  New ideas combinations of ideas come to life.  Solving problems creatively becomes a viable option.  

Through drawing, a person not only learns a new skill, but learns to open up the creative side of his/her brain.  The imagination is unleashed and one perceives himself/herself in a whole new way, as well as the rest of the world.