left side of the brain L-mode characteristics definition

The left side of the brain and the right side of the brain have two distinct sets of characteristics.  In normal everyday activities, the brain is constantly switching back and forth between the two sides to complete whatever tasks are at hand.  The brain uses whatever side of the brain that can best handle the current task.  

The left side of the brain (left-mode) is 1) verbal - likes to use words to explain and describe things 2) digital - likes to use numbers such as adding or subtracting 3) rational - likes to use reason and facts to make judgements on things and situations 4) temporal - likes to know what time it is and enjoys being aware of the sequence of things 5) analytic - enjoys knowing how things go, step-by-step 6) symbolic - likes to use things to represent something 7) abstract - enjoys taking one snippet of information and using it to access the entire situation or whole thing 8) linear - likes to process things in relation to connected ideas, with one thought leading to the next one in a one-path manner and 9) logical - likes to make conclusions with one item following the next in a rational manner.