Color symbolism / Color meaning definition

Color symbolism refers to the meaning associated with that of a certain color.  Each color may have several different color symbolisms attached to it depending on the context and culture it is used in.  (For example, white in some cultures symbolizes purity.  In other cultures, it symbolizes death.)  There are a number of influential factors that affect the symbolism of a color.  These influences include the following:
1. The different shades of a color (like red and pink).

2. The object or shape the color is contained within.

3. The position and amount of the color in an area.

4. The color combination used (such as red, white and blue, or red and green).

When color is used in a large region or shape, it can have a strong impact in its symbolism. Moreover, when a color is used along with a certain shape – such as a star, triangle, or hexagon – the symbolism of the color becomes more complex.  

One example of the use of color symbolism is the common use of the color black to symbolize one is in a state of mourning.